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Among the legends with biblical origins and rabbinic and folk elaorations, none had a greater influence than that of Lilith. It is not an exaggeration to say that much of the demonic realm in Jewish folklore grew out of this multifaceted legend, which came into being as a commentary on a passage of the Bible--Male and Female He created them(Gen. 1:27). This passage was interpreted by the rabbis to mean that the creation of man and woman was simultaneous, whereas the latter accounts of the creations of Adam and Eve appear to be sequential. Working on the assumption that every word in the Bible was literally true, the rabbis interpreted this contradiction to mean that the first passage referred to the creation of Adam's first wife, whom they named Lilith, and the other referred to the creation of Eve.

This initiates the long legend of Lilith, whose name actually appears in the Bible only once, in a passage from Isaiah,--Yea,Lilith shall repose there (Isa. 34:14), referring, probably, to a Babylonian night demon. Of the postbiblical texts, a few references to Lilith are found in the Talmud, where she is described as a demoness with long black hair(B. Erub. 100b.), and a demoness with identical characteristics is found in the apocryphal text--The Testament of Solomon. But the earliest version of the legend that portrays all of the essential aspects of Lilith is --The Alphabet of Ben Sira--, of persian or Arabic origin, in the eleventh century.

The legend tells how G-D created a companion for Adam and named her Lilith. But Lilith and Adam bickered endlessly over matters large and small, with Lilith refusing to let Adam dominate her in anyway. Instead she insisted that they were equal. Eventually Lilith pronounced the Ineffable Name of G-D and flew out of the Garden of Eden to the shore of the Red Sea. There she made her home in a cave, taking for lovers all the demons who lived there, and giving birth to a great multitude. This explains the proliferation of demons in the world.

Adam complained to G-D, who sent three angels, Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangel off to command her to return to Adam. But Lilith refused. Not even the angels threatening to kill one hundred of her demon offspring a day moved her. Instead she proclaimed that she had been created to snatch the souls of infants, and she vowed that only if confronted with an amulet bearing the names of the three angels would she do no harm. So widely known was this legend that such amulets became a familiar feature of Jewish life, and are even today in some Orthodox Jewish circles.

Since Lilith's flight from Eden she has sought her revenge by slipping beneath the sheets of men who sleep alone and trying to seduce them. So too does she attempt to strangle infants in their cradles. But if she finds the amulet with the names of the angels on it, along with the words--OUT LILITH!-- she turns away and does not approach that childe.

Do not get me wrong Lilith is a beautiful part of Creation and does alot of good in this physical world, though you do not see any of those good deeds in any bookes, now, do you?



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